I have no doubt that you will find many labs that are a lot cheaper than mine, especially when it comes to the pricing of
B & W package deals. However, please bear in mind the following possible explanations for this:-

Most labs will scan your negatives first and then print from the resulting digital file. Therefore, the quality of the prints will depend on the scan quality. Remember I print optically, but this is not my main concern. The main issue I have is that many labs print B & W onto colour paper. Even if this is not made from a digital file and printed directly from the negative, I still find it utterly pointless. I have yet to see what I would call a really good quality B & W print done this way. As technology improves so no doubt will the resulting prints, however, I will not hold my breath. The problem is that prints can have either a Magenta or Green tinge and/or be void of bite. They are lacking in contrast and therefore look very flat. This to me defeats the point in shooting on B & W stock in the first place. All the above points are from what I have seen and of course there may be some labs out there that can prove me wrong. Until this happens I believe that you cannot better a print made traditionally onto Multigrade paper where you can control the results

Karen Willson